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Combining decades of horticulture expertise, cultivation experience, and a fundamental understanding of the hemp market today (and where it's going) to provide you with the information, growing supplies/equipment and industry know-how to succeed.

Supplies &


  • Media

  • Trays/Flats

  • Containers

  • Nutrients & Organic Controls

  • Soil Amendments

  • Irrigation Equipment

  • Mulch Film

  • Transplanting Equipment

With over 16,000 products from the most trusted sources in the industry, we are a one-stop shop for all your growing needs.

Greenhouse Facility Design/Build


  • Greenhouse & Indoor Design Consultation

  • Architectural & Engineering

  • HVAC

  • Supplemental Lighting

  • Benching

  • Environment Controls

  • Shade & Light Dep


Full turnkey design/build customized to your unique growing environment and business needs. Designing your facility with the future in mind. 


Advice &
Best Practices
  • Feeding Schedule

  • Policy Updates

  • Energy Analysis

  • Soil & Water Tests

  • Light Plans

  • Harvesting Info

  • Farm Management

  • Market Insights

We compiled advice and best practices from the best in the industry. When it comes to this industry, experience matters.

Providing Solutions to Your Growing Issues

Lost in a sea of green? It seems like every day there's a news article, blog or story on how to grow hemp the "right" way. We strive to cut through the clutter and provide cultivators with the tools, services and information they need to succeed in this industry.

Should I start from seed or clone?
Where do I source my seed or clones?
What type of tray should I transplant in?
Which drip line irrigation and mulch film?

Till or no-till soil?

Can you help with a soil test?

What is my feeding schedule?
When will my crop flower?
How should I harvest?
Where can I find buyers/processors?

Products We Offer

We've taken the time to source hemp-specific products from hundreds of vendors to provide you with a one-stop shop for products ranging from: Soil & Media, Irrigation Equipment, Organic Controls, Greenhouse Facility Structures & Equipment, Fertilizers & Rooting Compounds, Pots, Trays & Inserts, Field Equipment, Propagation Supplies, Harvesting Equipment and more


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No matter the climate or cultivar, with customers across the country we can help with your growing needs

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- 85 years horticulture experience

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- Full-service, turnkey greenhouse design/build

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